How to Compare Online Slots

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There are a number of factors to consider when you compare online slots. These factors include the Paylines, Return to Player Rate, Variance, and Free spins. Below we take a look at each. Hopefully, this will help you make an informed decision when you choose which slot game to play. Also, remember to check the paytable for any bonus rounds or special features before making a decision.


One way to make the best decision when playing online slots is to compare the paylines and activate all of them. Most games require players to activate all paylines to win, but jackpot slots will not pay unless all paylines are active. To determine how many paylines you want to activate, you should consult a guide to online slots volatility. A classic 3-reel slot will only pay on the middle payline if you bet a single coin. Advanced slot games allow players to engage as many paylines as they want, thereby increasing their chances of winning.

In order to win, you must match symbols on different paylines. These are usually 100, twenty-three, or more. Some games offer 243 ways to win. Some games have both directions, while others do not. In either case, you must win a game by hitting a 5-of-a-kind symbol combination or a similar symbol combination on any winning payline. Thunderstruck 2 by Microgaming is an example of an online slot that offers both ways play.

Return to Player Rate

When comparing online slots, the RTP is an important factor to consider. The higher the RTP, the more money you can potentially win. But individual session RTPs can vary widely. Videoslots games can have an RTP of 10 percent while other slots can range up to 130%. Lower RTPs can affect how games play, including making bonuses take longer to trigger or causing dead spins.

The RTP percentage is the opposite of the house edge. It is the percentage of money wagered that is returned to the player. It is calculated as the average over 1,000 spins. The RTP is meant to reflect the overall performance of a casino game, and short-term variations are expected to even out over time. However, this is not always the case, so be sure to check the RTP percentage of each game before making a final decision.

Compare Online Slots: Variance

In casino games, variance is a key concept. The variance of a game measures the range of outcomes, which is important for bankroll management. Understanding variance is essential for slot players who want to win big. Variance is a critical factor to consider when choosing the right online slots game to play. Here are some tips to maximize your variance when playing online slots. This will help you choose games that are right for your bankroll and your specific preferences.

Variety is a statistical term that originally appeared in poker games and has since been applied to slot games. In the financial world, it is known as volatility. Online slot games are characterized by high or low variance. The difference between high and low variance is the spread between winning and losing spins. While the payouts of high-variance games are typically higher than those of lower-variance games, the difference between these two statistics is small enough that even the most infrequent player can win big.

Free spins

While the concept of free spins is good, there are a few downfalls to be aware of. While casinos will not just give away free spins out of the kindness of their hearts, they will want your banking information and other personal details so they can promote their latest games. In addition, free spins require you to meet certain terms and conditions before you can use the free credits. This can put some players off, so they may prefer to make a deposit or play for real money instead.

Compare Online Slots

There are many benefits to free spins, though. Unlike free chips, which are played with casino money, free spins do not guarantee huge profits. Many casinos place restrictions on the amount of free spins players can win, and if they hit the limit, the money will disappear. In addition, many free spins have playthrough requirements and a time limit that may not be in line with your playing style.

Scatter symbols

If you play online slots, you’ve probably noticed that scatter symbols are often the most valuable. These symbols are responsible for unlocking bonuses and other features. They are the highest paying symbols and they only need to show up on one reel, and they’re not required to line up on all paylines to award a reward. Scatter symbols also tend to appear as symbols with unique pre-sets that can trigger bonus games.

You can use scatter symbols in online slots to activate bonus games, free spin rounds, and even special Wild icons that are used to increase your payouts. Since these symbols are not visible on every spin, it’s important to pay attention. Always refer to the paytable before playing a new slot. This will help you determine the scatter symbol’s significance to the game. Furthermore, it will tell you if the game offers bonus features that are not normally available.

Compare Online Slots: Jackpot rounds

Jackpot slots have the biggest pockets in the online gaming business. These games are often versions of your favorite games that offer strikingly large prizes. However, you should be aware of the difference between jackpot rounds and regular slots. The two types are quite different and are best compared by looking at their paylines and jackpot amounts. Read on to learn how to compare online slots with jackpot rounds and find out which one is right for you.

When comparing online slots with jackpot rounds, make sure to look at the amount of the jackpot. Most jackpot games increase a little bit with each spin until a player wins it. Some jackpots are linked to multiple pools. The Marvel Jackpot is an example. Multiple players contribute to the jackpot by landing specific symbols in specific combinations. In general, progressive jackpot games have lower odds of winning. However, they can be very lucrative if you’re lucky enough!